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Our Milestone

2006 (April)
Shanghai Branch opened
2005 (March)
Wellness Show
2004 (August)
Perparation to open branch office in Canada
2003 (March)
Bangkok office opened
2003 (January)
Grand Sun e-commerce group formed
2003 (January)
Hong Kong stock center opened
2002 (November)
Grand Sun outstanding sales award presentation in Taiwan
2002 (August)
Singapore branch opened
2002 (May)
SG2000 & Taiji2188 awarded with European CE certification
2002 (May)
Spa therapist training started in Taiwan
2002 (January)
Taiji2188 spa machine
2001 (December)
Collaboration with Sebastian Kneipp Schule on R&D on hydrotherapy
2001 (October)
Tai Chung branch opened
2001 (August)
SG2000 was awarded with Canada CSA certificate
2001 (February)
Taipei branch opened
2000 (August)
Grand Sun was formed at Tao Yuan, Taiwan
2000 (January)
Sogo Department Store opened
1999 (June)
Moya Spa Shop opened
1999 (May)
SG2000 emerged
1996 (September)
2nd generation SG2 spa machine
1996 (January )
Shen Ji International Pte Ltd was formed
1991 (March)
First spa machine
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