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* Feathers of the home spa *

Some of the good the home spa machine can do your body:

This home spa machine is so powerful that it makes 46 litres of air laden with ozone and anions in every second of time;

15 minutes Bath = 3~5 km slow run (jog);

5 minutes Bath = 1 hour whole body massage; it massages 320 acupoints across the whole body,
making you completely relaxed; And much much more...

This home spa machine creates a near-professional spa experience in your own home.

This home spa has one year's warranty and lifetime servicing. It is insured worldwide.

Once you try it, you will love this home spa.

You can benefit from the home spa wherever you go because it is portable.

Home Spa Quality Approval:
CE, cCSAus, DNV, CCC, Rohs

home spa product SG2000 kit

Bringing spa experience home, bringing health home!
Quality Certificates for SG-2000 home spa
Picture of Thai Health Ministry Certificate for the home spa products
Think about it! This home spa is made in Taiwan. If it's not excellent, how could the Ministry of Health of Thailand issue the above certificate?!
Picture of CE certificate for the home spa product
This home spa has been certified by CE for European market.
Picture of CSA certificate for the home spa product
Picture of home spa product liability (Taiwan)
Picture of home spa patent license for Taiwan and Thailand
picture of home spa product patent license for China
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