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"How to Spa" - Instructions

Steps for a healthy bubble bath (spa).

1. Rinse the body with water from the bathtub. Wash the body with the hot warter, starting from the area farthest away from the heart, so as to allow the body to get used to the heat.

2. Add in appropriate amount of moya spa bath oil. Mix the bath oil and water well with one's hand. When in spa, breathe deeply to take in the herbal smell.

3. Turn on SG-2000 spa and set timer at 15 minutes. Get into the bathtub carefully and gradually to prevent from slipping. Get used to the water temperature slowly. Squad in the bathtub for 1-2 minutes to allow the bubbles to massage the bottom, anal part, etc.. The following pictures shows you how to do the spa:

. home spa product
picture of home spa product .

1. Crouch

Crouching down with legs slightly apart, allow bubbles to run into the groin and lymph area between the thighs approximately two minutes. This helps with blood circulation of human reproduction system.


2. Sit picture of arrow

Sit with feet lay flat and legs bended, upper body lean forwards. Sole of foot is the second heart of body, pat the pressure points on the sole with bubbles and massage both legs for circulation.

. Picture of home spa product
Picture of home spa product .

3. Prostrate

Kneel down with upper body in prostrate position, place hands on the edge of the bathtub. Allow strong patting of bubbles massage on the chest, abdomen and bottom part of the body.


4. Slant

Lie the body on one side and allow strong patting of bubbles massage on the side so that the kidney area can be stimulated. Then lie on the other side of your body, allowing the patting on the other kidney side.

. picture of home spa product
Picture of home spa product .

5. Lie

Keep the face up, lying position is as low as possible and allow bubbles pat and massage onto areas such as cervical vertebra (neck spine), shoulders, back and central spine ... etc. This promotes blood circulation throughout the body and make you much ralaxed and re-engergized.


--- You may spa twice daily: one in the morning and the other in the evening. Each time let SG-2000 spa run for 15 minutes only.

--- Use large bubbles in the morning to induce excercise effect and perk you up for the day; use small bubbles in the evening to massage and relax the body for a good night's sleep.

*** If you have heart disease, high blood pressure & diabetes, please use Low power + lukewarm water for 10 minutes only.

Too tired,
Hungry, overeat
Excited, anxiety
After consumed alcohol
Suffer from serious illness, cut wound, injury
Beware of children, old folks and pregnant women’s safety


Please read the Operational Manul that comes with your spa unit on safety and how to lengthen the life of the mat.

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