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Highlights of the spa

* Some of the good the home spa machine can do your body:

* This home spa machine is so powerful that it makes 46 litres of air laden with ozone and anions in every second of time;

* 15 minutes home spa Bath = 3~5 km slow run (jog);

* 5 minutes home spa Bath = 1 hour whole body massage; it massages 320 acupoints across the whole body, making you completely relaxed; And much much more...

* This home spa creates a near-professional spa experience in your own home.

* This home spa product can restore skin smoothness, elasticity and muscle tone.

* This home spa product kills bacteria and germs and bleaches skin. The killing capability is 3000 times more powerful than chlorine.

* You can benefit from the home spa products wherever you go as they are portable.

* The home health spa product has one year's warranty and lifetime servicing. It is insured worldwide.

Once you try them, you will love these home spa products.

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Bringing spa experience home, bringing health home!

Going to a spa can rejuvenate you to be a new person. While we all can’t frequent day spas, we strongly recommend our home spa product, which is most probably the simplest and easiest system to let you have professional spa experience and treatment at home.

SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home health Spa
Quite different from sauna, jacuzzi & normal bath <Differences>
Based on hydrotherapy theory. Used German technologies

This home health spa product is 3 devices in 1
Far Infra red bath ... Negative lons bath ... Ultrasound bath ...

The home spa product can do you a lot of good:
Internal Warming ... Whole Body Massage ... Deep Cleansing
Exercise & Leisure ... Whitening and Slimming

The home spa product has 4 advantages:

Economical ... Convenience ... Privacy ... Personal hygiene

No time to do physical excercise? No problem.
Take a 15-minutes home spa bath & you make it... <Details>

SG-2000 home spa fits in nicely with the bathtub you already have.
* Really An Ideal Spa Appliance For Modern Home!

The home health spa products allow you to enjoy spa treatment at the comfort and privacy of your own home, enjoy great savings on time, money and transport.

This home spa product has medical treatment effects.
Experimental Result from using Ultrasonic Bubble home Spa
The Shizuoka Agricultural Society in Japan conducted ultrasonic bubble home spa experiments with their members who suffer from the illness listed below, 30 subjects were used for each illness. As the results from using the home spa are excellent, the society strongly recommends all members to use ultrasonic ozone bubble home spa to maintain good health.

Length of Use
No. of Successful Cases (out of 30)
10-20 days
25 no longer need sedatives
Lack of Appetite
3 -15 days
28 improve appetite
High Blood Pressure
35-50 days
26 show lowered blood pressure
Gastric Problems
35-50 days
21 showed marked improvement
15-35 days
26 cured
Foot Arthritis
20-40 days
25 cured
Neck/Shoulder Pain
5-20 days
29 do not need massage anymore
7-25 days
25 have normal bowel movement
Inactivity & Weakness
10-25 days
28 have vitality restored
Frequent Headaches
10-25 days
26 have no more headache
10-20 days
30 show marked improvement
12 Cold Hands & Feet
15-20 days
29 have no more symptoms
Flaking Skin
20-30 days
30 show smooth supple skin
15-35 days
28 feel revitalized
50-150 days
30 lost flabby tissue around waist
90-180 days
19 showed marked improvement
Recovery from Traffic Accident
40-60 days
27 report obvious improvement

Home spa yourself HEALTHY!
Home spa your whole family HAPPY!

SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home Health Spa
It's a 21st century home appliance

It integrates phisycal exercise,
health care and beauty care with
the BATH you take every day.

*Ideal for modern homes *
It fits in nicely with the bathtub you already have.

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CE, cCSAus, DNV, CCC, Rohs

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