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Japanese medical researchers confirm that
ultrasonic ozone bubble baths have the following benefits.
ultrasonic ozone bubble bath benefits
Restore skin smoothness, elasticity and muscle tone. The process of ageing is slowed.
Reduced cholesterol levels, maintain health of blood vessels.
Reduce fatigue, revitalize the whole body.
4 Restore energy, improve sexual performance.
Prevent cancer and its recurrence.
Increase oxygen uptake by red blood cells, speeding recovery from illnesses.
Warm cold extremities and related illnesses from prolong stay in air-con environment.
Slimming effect on overweight individuals and weight increase for underweight individuals.
9 Promote better sleep.
10 Improve gut movement, nutrient absorption, benefiting people with anemia.
11 Alleviate symptoms constipation.
12 Highly beneficial for patients with heart disease, high blood pressure and low blood pressure.
13 Able to treat hardening and narrowing of blood vessels in stroke patients.
14 Improve gastric problems and diabetes.
15 Reduce muscle wasting in paralyzed and polio patients.
16 Relieve arthritis, neuralgia, backache.
17 Soothe aching muscles, shoulder pain and injuries.
18 Aid restoration of joint dislocations and heal bruises.
19 Prevent attacks in asthma patients.
20 Alleviate symptoms of persistent pain and numbness after accident, 40 sessions yield visible results.
21 Improvement in patients with piles.
22 Reduce incidence of incontinence, bed-wetting.
23 Frostbite is cured in 4-5 sessions.
24 Reduce body adour.
25 Treat skin disease, fungal infections, athlete’s foot.
Rich or poor, you need to be healthy :)
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Home Spa Quality Approval:
CE, cCSAus, DNV, CCC, Rohs

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