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About SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA
  • High-tech, low-noise processing unit and trouble-free assembly.
• High output: 46 litres of air with ozone and anions.
• Flexible mat with ceramic cells: easy to clean and fits all bath tubs.
• Modern design: sleek and durable.
• Equipped with timer and intensity control.
• Satety guaranteed: insured worldwide; compliance with CSA and CE
• Easy installation: DIY possible; light and portable.
• Energy saving: 110V/220V selection
• Economical: 1/4 the price of imported Jacuzzi.
• One year's warranty and lifetime serving.
• Obtained China Patent No. ZL002171481 and Thailand Patent No.

This home spa is of excellent quality and passed 7 MAJOR TESTS:
--> Voltage test (withstood 1.3 times max. voltage)
--> Heat test (7 hours in oven)
--> Water resistant test
--> Continuous operation test (45 days)
--> Chemical test
--> Accidental shock test
How to use? Very easy!

• Fill tub with cool water, turn heat on until the desired temperature is reached, then turn on SG-2000.

• Use large bubbles in the morning to induce excercise effect and perk you up for the day; use small bubbles in the evening to massage and relax the body for a good night's sleep.

• 6 steps to take a Spa – stood, sit, cross leg, bend forward, side ways and lie down

• Obesity and Flu - High power + hot water for 15 minutes

• If you have heart disease, high blood pressure & diabetes, please use Low power + lukewarm water for 10 minutes only.


Too tired,
Hungry, overeat
Excited, anxiety
After consumed alcohol
Suffer from serious illness, cut wound, injury
Beware of children, old folks and pregnant women’s safety


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