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  • High tech silent processing unit, local quality control and trouble-free assembly
  • High output: 500W, 46 litres of air laden with ozone and anions.
  • Ceramic cells in flexible mat: easy to clean and fits all bathtubs.
  • Modern design: sleek and durable.
  • Equipped with timer and intensity control.
  • Safety guaranteed: compliant with CSA and CE requirements.
  • Easy installation: DIY possible; light and portable.
  • Energy-saving: 110V/220V selection.
  • Economical: 1/4 the price of imported Jacuzzi.
  • One year's warranty and lifetime servicing. .......................... More >>

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Grand Sun Moya Oil for Spa At Home
Grand Sun Moya Essential Bath Oils provide the perfect compliment for the SG2000 spa device, adding extra enjoyment to your spa treatment.

Moya Bath Oils are:
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-> Imported from Germany
-> Free from alcohol
-> 100% essential oils
-> Formulated for hydrotherapy, hydrophilic
-> Refined and mild
-> Natural fragrance
-> No artificial coloring or emulsifiers

Moya spa oils can break into 7 functions as follows:
Lavender spa oil
Picture of lavender spa essential bath oil
<= This spa oil benefits your nervous system

It contains many sedative compounds to help relax the central nervous system, treat insomnia, ease indigestion and reduce high blood pressure.
Camomile spa oil
Picture of camomile spa essential bath oil

<= This spa oil benefits your skin

It offers many protective and healing properties to protect skin, clean and disinfect pores and treat skin allergies.

Eucalyptus spa oil
Picture of eucalyptus spa essential bath oil

This spa oil benefits your respiratory system.

It soothes cold sores, coughs, flu and promotes wound healing and respiratory problems

Rosemary spa oil
Picture of Rosemary essential bath oil for home spa

This spa oil benefits your blood circulations.

Stimulates a feeling of well-being. Improves blood circulation, metabolism, lowers blood pressure and relieves migraines and mental fatigue.

Juniper spa oil
Picture of Juniper essential bath oil for spa
<= This spa oil benefits your muscles.

Recommended after high-intensity activity. Relieves stiff or sore muscles. Treats swelling from gout and muscle aches.
Pine spa oil
Picture of pine essential bath oil

<= This spa oil benefits your bone.

Soothes aching bones and reduce the pain of neuralgia.

Hayseed spa oil
Picture of Hayseed essential bath oil

<= This spa oil benefits your joints.

It soothes arthritis and lubricates joints.

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Moya Bath Salt Is:

  • Excavated from a mineral salt layer 100m deep underground in the world famous hot spring area in Germany.
  • Crystallized with 40% of herbal essence and examined by R-Moyea Lab, contains rich natural minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, sodium, sulphur & chloride.
  • 3-5 times higher density than regular sea salt & vitalized micro-particles
  • An excellent anti-moisturized property (regular sea salt is easily melted

Spa Salt 1: Melissa
contains rich special lemon Melissa extract and Indian Cymopogon Winterianus.

Calms, soothes, comforts, exfoliates and rejuvenates skin elasticity and improves sleep quality.


picturer  1 of salt for spa at ome

Picture 2 of spa salt for spa at home


Spa Salt 2: Seaweed
Developed from valuable brown seaweed, contains a rich complex of naturally vitalized minerals and precious seaweed gel.

Provides your skin with mineral needs, rejuvenates, and soothes sore muscles after a hard day of work or heavy exercise. It stimulates good blood circulation, is anti-bacterial, and excellent for skin exfoliation and contraction

Spa Salt 3: Lemon
Crystallized with Mediterranean Lemon acid and Bergamot along with hot spring salt.

Good for cleansing, sterilizing, exfoliating, and contracting the skin.


picture 3 of spa salt for spa at home

Forest PAS - Foot Herbal Magic Patch (tape) >>More

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