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* Feathers of the home spa *

Some of the good the home spa machine can do your body:

This home spa machine is so powerful that it makes 46 litres of air laden with ozone and anions in every second of time;

15 minutes Bath = 3~5 km slow run (jog);

5 minutes Bath = 1 hour whole body massage; it massages 320 acupoints across the whole body,
making you completely relaxed; And much much more...

This home spa machine creates a near-professional spa experience in your own home.

This home spa has one year's warranty and lifetime servicing. It is insured worldwide.

Once you try it, you will love this home spa.

You can benefit from the home spa wherever you go because it is portable.

Home Spa Quality Approval:
CE, cCSAus, DNV, CCC, Rohs

picture of home spa product SG2000

Testimonials ( ultrasonic home spa product)

January 2005
From Jessie Yeo

I used to carry with me a weighty problem until I chanced upon SG-2000 home spa through a long-lost freind. At that time, I accepted the invitation to a home spa trial with a 'just-take-a -look' attitude. Being overweight, I have gone to lengths to slim down but I never saw much results. This made me lose quite a lot of confidence in myself and I did not even like to look into the mirror!

When I first tried out SG-2000 home spa, it was really a great experience. After much consideration, I decided to give myself another chance. It was a chance that I am glad I took up. During the first two weeks, I used the ( home ) spa twice a day. Faithfully I would rub the seaweed salt onto my flabby areas. After 2 weeks, I noticed with surprise that my weight had gone down by about 2 kilograms. I was indeed overjoyed over the home spa!

I continued to work hard on my slimming regime, motivated. Though the progress was slow, it all proved worthwhile. To date (July 2004 to Jan 2005) I have managed to shed off about 10 kilograms in all. And I believe the results are not stopping here. No way! SG-2000 home spa has become a very important part of my life and it has helped me gain back my self-confidence, thus spurring me on to strive to become a newer and fesher woman of tomorrow!

Picture of Mme.Chua, whose husband benifited alot from home spa products.

August 2005
From Mdm. Chua, age 65

Mademe Chua's husband suffered a 2nd time stroke and her spinal cord was injured. After 3 weeks of using this ultrasonic home spa, her husband can eat and can walk by himself. She doesn't need to corset to support her back.

March 2003
From Singapore - Mr. Guru
Lipoma – extraordinary growth:

He carried this huge growth on his neck for 30 years. Started using SG-2000 ultrasonic home spa on 12 March 2003. Twenty-one (21) days after using the spa, the growth reduced in size and it felt soft when touching it and the growth is contained. It continues to reduce in size.

Picture of Mr.Guru before using home spa products

Picture of Mr.Guru after using home spa products

I had an extraordinary growth on my back. It was so amazing that after I use SG2000, I feel better. I just cannot believe it.

August 2005
From patient with skin problems

Picture of skin before using home spa products
Before use of home spa

Picture of skin after home spa products treatment
After use of home spa

January 2005
From patient with skin problems

Picture of home spa product treatment comparison

Oct 2002
From Singapore - Kway Eng, a Beautician and Hairdresser

She suffered from pain all over her body and also acute migraine.
She was on health supplements for over 10 years and could not live without it, spending $500 to $600 monthly. October 2002, she bought SG-2000 to offer her clients the extra service to keep up with the Spa trend. Mid October 2002, she traveled to Taiwan for a seminar and during the 4-day trip she forgot to replenish her supplements and was very worried of the attack of the pain. To her surprise there was no sign of any pain…! Then she discovered that what was lacking for her was EXERCISE (note: done by the SG-2000 home spa).

Spinal Spondylosis - Her client, a seafood restaurant owner in Bishan.

Mr. Customer suffered from ‘Kn Ci” (spur) and he could not straighten his back. He walked into her salon with his body bent almost 45 degrees. With the help of his wife, he managed to get him into the tub, sitting position. After a while, he shouted “it work” and after the ultrasonic spa bath, he was able to swing around and put on his own clothes. So unbelievable!!!

Osteoporosis and skin problem – Her mother, 70-year old

When Kway Eng saw her customers having benefited from Sg-2000, home spa, she wanted her mum to try. Her mum had a fall and broke her hip bone and had 3 screws over her hip and had a second fall and broke her bone of the arm. Due to her health condition, she was very hot-tempered, couple of housemaids could not handle her, and in year 2002 there was news in the local newspaper which reported a maid ran away from her employer and walked from Woodlands to Yishun… that employer was her mum.

With the help of the family, they managed to get her into the bath tub. After the spa, 2 things happened:

She did not feel cold anymore,
She did not feel the numbness around her arms.

She then requested for a second spa, and gradually regained her strength.

Kway Eng bought a set of SG-2000 on 3 Feb 2003, Lunar New Year for her mum. Now, her mum was able to walk around without the help of a 4 legged cane supporter and she is able to cook.

July 2002
From: Mrs. Florence Kee and her husband, Mr. Francis Kee

On 20 July 2002 Mr. Kee suffered a fall that resulted in a stroke.

Mrs. Florence Kee came to know SG-2000 Home Spa from a friend and after a series of talks and seminars, she decided to let her husband use SG-2000 as a therapy at home everyday. Her whole family has benefited from this wonderful SG-2000 hydrotherapy system.

Mrs. Florence Kee and her husband, Mr. Francis Kee

Letter from NUS dated 13 May 2003 certified by the Consultant Neurologist, Department of Medicine:

Re: Mr. Kee Soon Huat Francis

This is to certify that Mr. Kee, a 63-year old gentleman with medical history of hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, ischaemic heart disease and old stroke, was hospitalized in this hospital for severe brain stem stroke during 20 July to 8 August 2002 . The cause of the ischaemic stroke was total occlusion of the basilar artery and the brain damage resulted form the stoke involved extensive areas of the brain stem, cerebellum and occipital cortices. It has been fortunate that Mr. Kee survived from the stroke, as this type of stoke usually carries 80-90% mortality. However he still remains dependent on his family for assistance of his daily activities, and requires anticoagulant medication on a long-term basis. His prognosis remains grim, with a very high risk of recurrent stroke and mortality in the coming few years.

In view of Mr. Kee’s medical condition, he is permanently disabled from any form of work or employment, and his prognosis is of the same level of a terminal disease.”

Jan 2000
From Taiwan - Ms. Chow Xin Hua

Fell from the 2nd storey and paralysed waist down. Moves around by crawling, doctor told her that she would be on wheel chair for the rest of her life. She had to do therapy everyday.

Beginning of year 2000, she was invited by a friend to try SG-2000 home spa. She felt the effect was the same, however, with SG-2000 she did not feel the pain. After almost a month later, she was able to walk, and 6 months later, she was able to dance with high heel shoes.

Every time she shares her testimony on stage, she would weep...

legal Note: The personal testimonials shown reflect individual experiences of our users and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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