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* Feathers of the home spa *

Some of the good the home spa machine can do your body:

This home spa machine is so powerful that it makes 46 litres of air laden with ozone and anions in every second of time;

15 minutes Bath = 3~5 km slow run (jog);

5 minutes Bath = 1 hour whole body massage; it massages 320 acupoints across the whole body,
making you completely relaxed; And much much more...

This home spa machine creates a near-professional spa experience in your own home.

This home spa has one year's warranty and lifetime servicing. It is insured worldwide.

Once you try it, you will love this home spa.

You can benefit from the home spa wherever you go because it is portable.


Testimonials ( ultrasonic home spa )

Should you are experiencing stress or struggling serious illnesses or simply wishing to stay healthy and move toward a life of wellness through disease prevention, please read these testimonials patiently.

Our home spa products have been in the market for 16 years. The Ultrasonic Bubble home spa SG-2000 is the third generation equipment with advanced features. It has been used as a medical equipment in the Physiotherapy Department of many hospitals in Taiwan and Bangkok. Listed below are a sample of the innumerable number of excellent testimonials from all over the world:

Ms. Chow of Taiwan fell from 2nd floor of her apartment and hurt her back and pelvic bones. After several operations, her doctor told her she would be wheelchair bound for life!

After using the SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine for 6 months, she was able to walk and after a year, she was able to dance with high heel shoes!

Every time she shares her testimony, she would weep!

From Mdm. Chua, age 65

Mademe Chua's husband suffered a 2nd time stroke and her spinal cord was injured. After 3 weeks of using this ultrasonic home spa, her husband can eat and can walk by himself. She doesn't need to corset to support her back.

From Mr. Guhru
Lipoma – extraordinary growth:

He carried this huge growth on his neck for 30 years. Started using SG-2000 ultrasonic home spa on 12 March 2003. Twenty-one (21) days after using the spa, the growth reduced in size and it felt soft when touching it and the growth is contained. It continues to reduce in size.

I had an extraordinary growth on my back. It was so amazing that after I use SG2000, I feel better. I just cannot believe it.

Mdm. Kee Chong Kim, aged 80 years, suffers from degeneration of the kneecap tissue and finds walking very painful. But after using the SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine, she can walk comfortably.

Mr. Lee Poh Meng, aged 78 years, suffers from liver cancer. He uses the SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine daily and is happy that the hydrotherapy enables him to enjoy his morning walk, play table tennis and dance.

Insomnia & Asthma

Laju (from Singapore) said: SG-2000 is indeed a wonderful product! I've benefited so much from it. I have no more insomnia, and no more an asthmatic patient. I can now sleep soundly like a baby and also have stopped taking all my medications. Thank you SG-2000. It's really God-sent.

Constipation & Piles

Simon Lim ( from Singapore ) said: I'd severe constipation, clearing my bowels only once in 7 or 8 days with difficulty. I also had piles. Ever since I started using SG-2000, I can empty my bowels everyday. Thanks you SG-2000 for giving back my health.

Rheumatoid arthritis & Skin Pigmentation

Chen Shaomei ( from Fushan, China) said: I've had rheumatoid arthritis since childhood. Between the age of 1 and 7, I was treated by a local Chinese acupuncturist. At 17, the doctor recommended treatment by injection of drugs. The drugs weakened my immune system and caused my organs to fail. Dark pigmentation appeared on both my cheeks and necks. After using SG-2000 intensively for a month, the dark pigmentation on my cheeks and necks disappeared and my body became stronger. Rheumatoid arthritis has also gone. Thank you SG-2000 for turning my life around!

Migraine, gout, rheumatism, knees / legs pain, and obesity

Zhang Chingfong ( from Taiwan) said: I'd many problems for years:- migraine, gout, rheumatism, knees and legs pain, and obesity. I could not stand and could not lift up my hands. My body was very weak. When I injured my vertebrate, I needed brace strap for support. When I first got to know SG-2000, I could not even got into the tub myself. I needed assistance. Six months after I started to spa, migraine is gone; I am able to stand and walk without pain. I've also lost 20 kgs. Thank you SG-2000 for giving back my freedom to walk.

Cervical spondylosis, back pain, sinus & high cholesterol

Ong Ah Loh (from Singapore) said: I'm 67 years old. I had sinus and high cholesterol problems. I also had cervical spondylosis and neck and back pains. I've been seeing many Chinese physicians, physiotherapists, acupuncturists etc for my neck and back pain since 1988 but the conditions have not improved. I enjoyed playing golf, but I needed 3 to 4 days of rest after each golf session, often seeking massage treatment. When I got to know SG-2000, I started using it twice a day, as recommended. After 6 weeks, the body pains disappeared completely and I could enjoy my golf everyday. After 20 months of using, my sinus problem is also gone and my cholesterol is also back to normal.

Stress & fibroidmalogen

Susan Yeow ( from Calgary, Canada) said: I led a very stressful life. I felt stiffness in my whole body and could not loosen up. At the age of 40, I had fibroidmalogen: my body could not expel toxins and could not absorb nutrients. As a result, my body deteriorated rapidly and I looked very much older than my husband. Worst still, I was involved in a car accident in 2003 and suffered injuries in my joints and ligaments. When I started using the home spa, I experienced numbness in my legs but it disappeared after 1 week. I am now a very happy person as the stiffness has gone and I look and feel much younger than I was. Thanks to SG-2000.

Cancer, severe pain, hair loss & knee pain

Shi Wei Shang ( from U.S.A.) said: I was diagnosed of cancer, terminal stage. I experienced severe pain during the chemo sessions. I suffered severe hair loss and knee cap pain. I was highly stressed and depressed. Doctor told me that the average lifespan was about 6 months. I needed a wheel-chair to help me move around, and I was unable to climb up the stairs of my 4-storey apartment. I was contemplating of ending my life earlier! After I used the spa intensively for 2 weeks, I was delighted as I could climb up the stairs 6 to 7 times a day without assistance. I continued to spa 3 times a day. When I visited the doctor in China again, he confirmed that the cancer cells were gone, and my hair grew back quickly again

Backache, chest & heart problems, & stress

Chen Siew Lee ( from U.S.A.) said: I suffered from backache and nerve pains for 7 years. I also had chest and heart problems, and I was highly stressed. I consulted many doctors from Taiwan and USA. I could not sleep unless my two hands were spread wide opened. I also needed to press hard on my chest in order to breath, and my heartbeat was irregular. After I use SG-2000 intensively for 2 months, my heartbeats return to normal. After I spa for another month, my backache and the nerve pains disappeared!

Parkinson disease

Goh Wee Giam ( from Singapore) said: I was diagnosed of Parkinson Disease in early 2000, and I had to go for physiotherapy and acupuncture sessions. My wife also performed massage for me everyday. Ever since I started using SG-2000 about 2 years ago, I am able to move around freely myself. My daily physiotherapy session is the SG-2000 spa using Hayseed, Juniper and Pine essential oils. The mat is amazing for it gives releases to my cramps. You have to try it to believe it! Best still, my friends said I don't look 53!

Pregnancy & healthy baby

Michelle ( from Singapore ) said: I started to spa 1 week before giving birth. I enjoyed it very much as it was relaxing. Wonderfully, my baby came out through natural birth. After 1 month of confinement, I couldn't wait to spa again. I noticed that my pelvic bones contracted pretty fast. In the process of spa-ing, there was no discharge at all. My skin got firmer and tighter in a very short time, and the stretched-marks were reduced significantly. I also carried my baby boy to spa at low intensity bubbles. The great thing was: I realised that he had no rashes even though the weather was hot. Mosquito bites healed very quickly. He's a very chubby and healthy baby. He hardly cries and is easy to pamper. SG-2000 is really an amazing product!

Spinal muscular atrophy

Stacy Chong ( from Singapore ) said: My daughter Sheary is 7 years old. She suffered from spinal muscular atrophy since she was 13 months old. Doctor told me that her muscles will continue to deteriorate as she grows older. She will never be able to grow into a normal person. She was not able to sit and stand upright by herself. She also needed to wear a hard brace with velco straps to support her. After 2 weeks of intensive spa, her muscles were strengthened and she managed to remove the velco straps by herself. We were shocked! After 7 weeks of spa, Sheary managed to sit upright by herself for more than 30 minutes. At present, her leg muscles have firmed up considerably and I believe that she will be able to stand up soon!

Overweight & Weak bladder

Lau Bee Bee ( from Singapore) said: I was overweight and had a weak bladder. I needed to wake up 3 to 4 times to empty my bladder every night. Clothes for me were of XXXXL size! After I spa intensively for 9 months, I lost 16 kgs. After 26 months of spa, my waist line has reduced to 34 inches and I can now wear L-size cloths! I do not need to wake up to urinate in the middle of the night anymore.

The SG-2000 Ultrasonic Home SPA machine has helped Ms Lau Bee Bee not only to lose several kilograms, but has also given her better health and improve her quality of life. She is ever so ready to share her testimony with anyone!

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